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03/17/10 09:05 AM #1    

Lynn Pedersen (Ness) (1977)

Hey..any dates set for the reunion?? Need to make plans!

03/24/10 08:01 PM #2    

Stacey McLeod (Brewer) (1990)


The date has been set for August 7th, 2010.

03/28/10 03:07 PM #3    

Lynn Pedersen (Ness) (1977)


04/06/10 07:13 PM #4    

Lorna Lawrence (1988)


It's Lorna. Is the reunion being held in the Auditorium?

04/15/10 07:52 PM #5    

Grace York (Sommerville) (1985)

No Lorna,

It is @ the U of H Hilton... see the button "reunion details" on the left.

05/06/10 10:31 PM #6    

Rene' Minchew (Fullick) (1981)

So excited about the reunion!!

it will be great to see ole friends!!


05/13/10 07:41 AM #7    

Robby Puryear (1985)

Anybody have any plans for Friday night or Sunday the weekend of the reunion? What about Saturday during the day?

05/19/10 10:44 AM #8    

Todd Liccketto (1984)

I think it would be good to set up a happy hour(s) up for the Friday before the reunion. Any suggestions?

05/23/10 01:20 PM #9    

Robert Garrett (1983)

I suggest Todd pick up the tab and I drink a sh%tload of booze and make an a#$ out of myself!

05/28/10 06:49 AM #10    

Robby Puryear (1985)

Robert, that sounds like a plan. Good with you, Todd?

05/30/10 07:55 AM #11    

Carol Moffett

I wanted all to know that Liz G. is recovering from surgery at MD Anderson.  She will be there for about a week, and I know she would appreciate your prayers and your cards.

Carol Moffett

06/20/10 08:59 PM #12    


Betty Ware (Taylor) (1987)

I was wondering if any one knew what happened to Eric Melvin, he was a class mate of mine and my neighbor growing up, I saw he was on the in memory list.

07/02/10 09:10 PM #13    

Erin Melvin (Condrey) (1994)

Eric passed away in 1990, due to drowning at Windmill Lakes.  He is sorely missed and we still love him so much!! 

07/14/10 11:48 PM #14    

Lee Saunders

JoAnn and I were looking forward to attending the reunion, but we will not be able to make it.  We are moving to Pittsburgh, PA the week before it happens.  We'll miss being there, and seeing people we haven't seen for 25 years.  Have a blast.

07/30/10 12:05 PM #15    


Michelle Connely (1986)

I'm wodering if anybody is planning to stay at the hotel?  If so, who?  We live nearby, but thought it would be nice to get there early, check in, chill out, and get ready there, and not have to drive home afterwards.

Did anybody come up with plans for Friday, Saturday day, or Sunday...besides Todd picking up the tab?  LOL!!!!!

08/02/10 09:57 AM #16    

Cheryl Furra (1987)



Hey Ernie Perez graduated from Broadway in 1988. Can he be added to the site?Tanya and John Varela are good friends with him. Ernie was dropped cold by the Broadway Bobcats!
He may be interested in coming but he couldn't even sign on.





08/03/10 12:21 PM #17    


Kenneth Jones (1982)


08/06/10 08:31 PM #18    


Michelle Connely (1986)

Chris and I are checking in early and hanging out at the pool, which is a block away, it is the campus pool, but you get passes when you get a room.  Anybody else game?

Also, the block of rooms is sold out, but it only cost us $10 more.

I'm excited and looking forward to seeing old friends!!!!!

Oh!  And I look the same as this, but different!!!!!!

08/12/10 11:14 AM #19    


Stephanie Forsythe (Patterson) (1985)

OMGosh, what an AMAZING reunion!

Stacy & Grace you did soooo much to make this reunion happen and the reunion was a great success! I had so much fun, it was so AWESOME to see so many people. Everyone looks great and acts the same just as if we were still in HS. I guess I do wish from time to time I was back, so many great teachers, exceptional friends and wonderful memories I will cherish for a lifetime! 

Thank you Stacy for such an unforgetable 25th reunion- I LOVE YOU!!!! And... of course Grace too!

And... I LOVE all my Bullfrog/Bobcat family- God Bless & please keep in touch!


Stephanie Forsythe Patterson  

08/15/10 10:34 PM #20    


Stephanie Forsythe (Patterson) (1985)

It's already been a week since the reunion and several bobcats are still talking about it!!!!!!!


01/03/13 12:45 PM #21    

Laura Anderson (Lynch) (1977)

Does anyone know how to reach Robert Martin (class of 1997)?  I am trying to get in touch with his brother Steve Martin.  Please email me at or if you have any information.


Thanks Laura

Jan 3, 2013

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